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What is Boom Boom HuckJam?

Tony Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam began in 2002 as a one-off show in Las Vegas. It was the first show of it's kind, featuring the best skateboarders, bmx riders and freestyle moto-x maniacs in one choreographed extravaganza. The show featured live music by some of the world's most famous bands...and it was a huge success! So, Tony decided to take it on the road, across the U.S.A. With the best vert ramp money can buy (over $1 million!) and trucks and trucks full of lighting and moto track and stages, Tony and crew hit 31 of the largest arenas across the country.

After two years of taking action sports to the masses, Fox Television stepped in and asked Tony to stage a special Boom Boom HuckJam to air as part of the Super Bowl Sunday television programming. The guys headed to Phoenix and performed the biggest BBHJ ever.

In 2006, Six Flags approached Tony and brought the Boom Boom HuckJam tour to Six Flags amusement parks across the country for two straight summers. To top things off, Six Flags also launched a new, cutting edge roller coaster bearing Tony's name: Tony Hawk's Big Spin. On the first day of the 2007 tour in St. Louis, Tony not only performed the BBHJ show, but also road his namesake rollercoaster along with his 83-year old mom and other family members.

2008 saw the tour hit the road again, criss-crossing the country from coast to coast. Tony even took his newly born baby Kady (and wife of course) on the road for her first taste of touring.

Past Athletes from Boom Boom HuckJam

+ Tony Hawk
+ Andy Macdonald
+ Bob Burquist
+ Shaun White
+ Riley Hawk
+ Kevin Staab
+ Rune Glifberg
+ Sergie Ventura
+ Lincoln Ueda
+ Jesse Fritsch
+ Paul Zitzer
+ Bucky Lasek
+ Mat Hoffman
+ Kevin Robinson
+ Dennis McCoy
+ Chad Kagy
+ Dave Mirra
+ Simon Tabron
+ Rick Thorne
+ Carey Hart
+ Ronnie Faisst
+ Brian Deegan
+ Matt Buyten
+ Drake McElroy
+ Dustin Miller
+ Mickey Diamond
+ Jason Ellis
+ Andy Jones
+ Neal Hendrix
+ Jamie Bestwick
+ Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg
+ Greg Garrison
+ Mike Cinqmars
+ Clifford Adoptante
+ Derek Burlew